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grumblybear's gameplay for Pure (PS3)

grumblybear played Pure

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grumblybear said...
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Completed World Tour stages 1 through 6. Officially "completing" a stage requires placing first in each event.

This game is just as great as I thought it would be. The whole thing is a rush, and it looks beautiful. The trick system is lots of fun, and I think the mechanics work rather well. Boosting is very satisfying.

Thirteen trophies earned including the first silver.

Pure (PS3)

Genre/Style: Racing/Rally/Off-Road Racing
Release Date: 16/SEP/08
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I've got this rented from Gamefly. We'll have to try to hook up & knock out some of the multiplayer trophies.
That sounds like a plan. For how long will you have to game?
Unlimited rental time - I should have it for at least another week or so.
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